A Canadian-measuring contest

Thomas Mulcair doesn’t appreciate the Prime Minister’s insinuation.

“We celebrate our diversity, we have a minister responsible for multiculturalism. But when push comes to shove, if you give him half a chance, the real Stephen Harper comes out (suggesting) ‘I’m more Canadian than you are because my family doesn’t have a background in different countries,'” Mulcair said.

“It’s a reflection of profoundly parochial and insular thinking.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Mulcair there is also—as Bob Rae delights in pointing out—what New Democrats said when Stephane Dion’s citizenship was questioned.

Update 8:25pm. In the updated CP story (now linked to above), Mr. Mulcair says Mr. Layton expressed regret for his comments about Mr. Dion.

Indeed, Mulcair said he raised the issue with Layton before agreeing to come on board as his Quebec lieutenant in 2007. “Jack and I talked about it straight up and he told me that literally in so many words … He said, ‘That’s not the answer I should have given.'”

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