A quick study

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson introduced Sue O’Sullivan, the new victims of crime ombudsman, yesterday at the National Press Theatre. Ms. O’Sullivan took questions and precisely six questions after she assured the audience that she’d have no problem speaking truth to power, she was asked the following and responded as follows.

Question: I’m curious. You say you have 30 years of policing under your belt.  What are your thoughts on the long-gun registry that’s supported by most police chiefs and police officers across the country?

Sue O’Sullivan: Well, I think right now what I want to focus on is the priorities for victims.  And that’s what – to talk about making sure that their rights are respected and certainly there’s going to be a lot of different important issues that come along but for me in this ombudsman office and the role that it is, is to help victims individually and collectively and is to look at discussing some of those important issues but today just to focus on those priorities.

Question: Wouldn’t police officers argue that the long-gun registry protects potential victims?

Sue O’Sullivan: Yes, they would and, as we’re well aware, that position has been put out there.  But I’m here as Ombudsman to be focussing on what the rights and what the needs of those victims are and that’s where the priorities are going to be for the Ombudsman’s office.

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