Back to work (II)

A statement from Conservative backbencher Phil McColeman, tabled shortly before Question Period this afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, today the House resumes sitting and I can proudly say that on this side of the House Conservative members are eager and ready to get to work for Canadians. This work includes moving on important crime bills that remain before the public safety committee. It is my hope that our eagerness is shared by opposition members across the way. Unfortunately, I am afraid that it already seems to be business as usual for some Liberals. Today the member for Ajax—Pickering is again sticking up for criminals and promoting the failed prison farm system, a program with a dismal rate of success of less than 1%, which loses millions of tax dollars each year. I call on the Liberal Party public safety critic and his coalition partners to work with us to get results for law-abiding Canadians and victims and to stop putting criminals’ rights before those of victims.

An equally objective statement from Liberal Rodger Cuzner after the jump.

Mr. Speaker, the lifespan of the Conservatives’ latest round of over the top attack ads lasted about as long as their cockamamie plan to change the words of our national anthem. Does everyone remember that brain storm? The only thing shorter lived was the support offered by the member for Edmonton Centre, who endorsed and tried to justify the ads one day but pulled an about-face the next day that would make Linda Blair in the Exorcist blush, saying they were not his style and to pay no attention to them. Canadians were paying attention. Did thousands of them call Conservatives to express their outrage? Yes, yes, yes. Did they expose the Conservatives for their dishonesty in these malicious attacks? Yes, yes, yes. Did some commentators compare the deceitful acts to the work of a bunch of drunken frat boys? Yes, yes, yes. Will Canadians reject this type of offensive Conservative smear and, instead, embrace a positive Liberal vision for this country? Yes, yes, yes.