Rodger Cuzner

Rodger Cuzner: Parliament’s sense of humour

Voted the Most Collegial MP for the 2017 Parliamentarians of the Year, Cuzner is admired for his ability to strip away partisanship

For Tory and Liberal MPs, the puck stops here

When MPs faced-off in Ottawa for a ‘spirited’ game of hockey, things got a bit chippy—and the Tories crushed the Liberals

Rodger Cuzner takes the 60-Second Challenge

Cuzner starts and ends the day doing the same thing: complaining.

Another question for Trudeau: What to do with Mother Canada?

Early signs bode poorly for the Mother Canada project—’I’m not sure what a monstrous statue would do to enhance the beauty that already exists,’ says one Liberal MP.

L’affair Leslie

The Defence Minister versus the retired general

Rodger Cuzner is unimpressed with Tony Clement

A Liberal MP tweets seven unflattering adjectives

Photo Gallery: The Speaker’s Robbie Burns Dinner

Mitchel Raphael takes in the Speaker’s second annual celebration of the Scottish bard


Twas the week before Christmas

What rhymes with omnibus? Rodger Cuzner’s annual Christmas poem


Turnabout, fair play, etc.

Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner’s question for the government side yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Speaker, Conservative import tariffs are forcing Canadian hockey families to pay $200 more to suit up their kids in hockey gear than American families pay. Tomorrow, on Black Friday, thousands of Canadian families will head south of the border to buy hockey gear to avoid this Conservative hockey tax. That creates American jobs in American cities. Why will the Finance Minister not give Canadian families a break this Christmas, help Canadian retailers and get rid of this job-killing hockey tax?


‘Sad to see’

In the middle of QP yesterday, Rodger Cuzner tweeted the cruelest of all criticisms: pity.

Sad to see well educated,respected professionals check their integrity at the door by reading inane Tory attack statements #canpoli

The Commons: Of algebra, the premiers and a new mom named Jennifer

The PM, it seems, has a conversation with a premier every 9.7 days on average

The Commons: More than 400 pages and still short on details

Funny how the opposition can’t seem to find much in this budget bill