BTC: While you slept

Approximate head count from this morning’s Tory briefing.

Employees of the Conservative Party of Canada: 9
Conservative Party of Canada cabinet ministers: 2
Attack ads: 5
Journalists: 7

That about says it all. But a couple other points of emphasis.

First, the press gallery doesn’t seem interested in playing along. Canwest’s David Akin put on his Helen Thomas mask and went after the Conservative environmental plan. Another reporter, from the CBC I believe, asked about the apparent muzzling of Conservative candidates. And this was a day without a major gaffe or controversy for the Conservatives to explain.

Second, the two French ads shown today mocked the Liberal leader as “Professeur Dion.” Apparently anti-intellectualism plays well in Quebec. In one, the narrator at one point mocks Dion with what sounds like “coo-coo.” Jason Kenney and Lawrence Cannon seemed to find these ads particularly funny.

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