BTC: Everyman (II)

Stephen Harper, earlier today. Apparently.

“You know, I’m from a household where before I got back into politics, both my wife and I were running small businesses. I was running, I suppose better to say a medium-sized business, and she was running a small business, and we’re aware of these difficulties.”

As reviewed previously, Stephen Harper’s adult life is short on non-political experiences. In touting his having run a medium-sized business, it would seem he was referring today to his time as president of the National Citizens Coalition. Does the NCC count as a medium-sized business? Good question.

For whatever it’s worth, the NCC describes itself as a “non-profit corporation.” But it does sell golf balls.

Update. Sought clarification from a couple people via email.

First, Peter Coleman, current president of the NCC. “When Stephen Harper was President of the NCC from 1997-2001 we had 17 employees, which included a couple of part time employees. The NCC is a real live business thanks to the support of thousands of Canadians from all corners of the country who believe in more freedom through less government.”

Next, Gerry Nicholls, former president of the NCC. “No I don’t consider the NCC a ‘business’ at all. It’s an organization with a  mission to promote ‘more freedom through less government.'”

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