BTC: How much is that cabinet in the window?

Canada’s new ministry is 37 strong. Twenty-four ministers. Twelve ministers of state. One government house leader.

Ministers and ministers of state each make $74,400 in addition to their base salaries as MPs. The official pay scale makes no specific allowance for government house leaders, but as they are listed within the ministry, let’s assume they are entitled to the same bonus. Ministers also receive a $2,122 car allowance.

If our math is correct—and not affording Jay Hill a car allowance—that puts the total tab for this cabinet at $2,803,728.

For the sake of comparison, Stephen Harper’s first cabinet numbered 26. Twenty-four ministers. One leader of the government in the Senate. One President of the Treasury Board. Using this year’s pay scale, that cabinet would have cost the government $1,985,328. 

A difference of $818,400.

In other news, Jim Flaherty is warning public sector employees not to expect large wage increases whenever their next contracts need to be negotiated. “We are confident,” he said this week, “that every stakeholder involved in the process of setting public-sector compensation will show commitment and accountability to act in the public interest and strike the proper balance.”