Expert commentary

The text of a press release received a few hours ago.

Karl Rove is coming to Toronto to a closed address for the G-20 Summit for Faith and Business Leaders at 7:00pm.  However at 6:40 Mr. Rove will speak to the press commenting on the G-20 and the moral question of massive spending and debt.

Organizer Charles McVety says “in 18 months the G-20 leaders have wasted 7 trillion dollars of stimulus spending, much of it on frivolous agenda driven projects.  If you stack one hundred $100 bills, they would be a half an inch high.  $7 trillion dollars is a stack of $100 bills, five hundred thousand miles high, sky high reckless spending to the moon and beyond.”

Co-organizer Brian Rushfeldt, Canada Family Action, says “massive immoral debt mandated by G-20 leaders is fiscal child abuse of future generations and maternal exploitation placing women and children in financial peril.” Rushfeldt goes on to express concern that “forcing Canada to abide by G-20 and United Nations social policy undermines Canadian democracy and sovereignty.”

No doubt Mr. Rove has many questions to answer on this subject, the administration he advised having helped add something like $4.3-trillion to the American debt.