Greg Rickford stars in a new one-man play entitled, Cognitive Dissonance

There seems to be some confusion around the 2008 election
Conservative MP Greg Rickford stands to vote on budget bill C38 in the House of Commons Thursday , June 14, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

From the Conservative MP’s statement to the House on Monday.

Mr. Speaker, when the Liberal party asked Canadians for a mandate to implement a job-killing carbon tax, they flatly rejected it. No matter to the NDP leader; he is ignoring Canadians’ position and is peddling a similar, more expensive carbon tax. 

The Liberal party’s 2008 platform included a carbon tax. In that election, the Liberals won 30.2% of the popular vote.

At the same time, 55.8% of Canadians—the combined popular vote for the Conservatives and NDP in 2008—voted for platforms that included cap-and-trade. And what the NDP is proposing now is cap-and-trade.

Mr. Rickford was first elected as a Conservative in 2008, so presumably he is familiar with the platform the party put forward that year and what the Harper government then said and did about pursuing cap-and-trade through 2009.