Here, then, a loophole

Keeping in mind that the Transport Minister’s spokesman has said the government is “very interested” in the possibility of a hockey arena being built in Quebec City and another cabinet minister has said the government “cannot ignore the wishes of the population” and a half-dozen Conservative MPs have donned Nordiques jerseys for the cameras and the Prime Minister’s spokesman has talked of the larger benefits of sports venues and the Prime Minister himself has both spoken hopefully of a professional hockey team for Quebec City and mused openly of funding sports venues across the country, here today the Prime Minister raises the small matter of a certain adjective in discussing the proposed hockey arena for Quebec City.

“If there is to be any role for the federal government, first of all, that role would have to be equitable across the country, treat everybody the same, and it also has to be affordable, recognizing that this country is going to be moving into a period of fiscal restraint,” Harper said.

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