How much is that cabinet in the window? (VI)

From Canadian Press.

“Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will use Thursday’s economic update to spread the pain of the economic downturn to politicians and top bureaucrats. A senior government official told The Canadian Press that the update will contain some high-profile measures to control discretionary spending. The source wouldn’t confirm details, but there will likely be compensation restrictions for senior public servants and MPs.”

(Ahem. See previously: “What political benefit would Stephen Harper’s government gain from showing restraint in regards to its own compensation?”)

MPs were being asked about this after QP today. A few of the more entertaining exchanges.

Reporter: Name one thing you’d give up right now.

Jack Layton: Well I’m thinking certainly personally about switching to the train more often and as well, seeing if we can’t organize some meetings electronically instead of travelling to them. The technology has advanced a long way and that may be one way that we can save some money.


Reporter: What about the free food you get here?  Lunch?

Mike Savage: It’s not that great. 


Reporter: It looks like they’re going to announce some kind of a restraint or cutbacks on compensation for senior bureaucrats and members of parliament, politicians.  Can you think of something you could give up right now that would help in that?

Scott Brison: The Minister of Finance, clearly. I think the entire country could get along without Jim Flaherty.

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