In the midnight hour

With the NDP’s Matthew Kellway on his feet addressing the House, debate of Bill C-6 has now carried over into a new day, at least so far as the outside world is concerned. Mr. Kellway is not quite electric, but the discussion remains mostly on topic*.

Under the rules of debate, MPs are entitled to speak for 20 minutes, with another 10 minutes subsequently set aside for questions and comments from other members.The Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition are not so restricted and earlier tonight Jack Layton took about 50 minutes to say just about everything he could say about the subject at hand. We are now on our third Speaker of the evening (Andrew Scheer having ceded the chair to Bruce Stanton who has ceded the chair to Barry Devolin). The NDP is promising to propose amendments, but not quite yet.

CP’s Stephanie Levitz has a report from the scene. The Post and Globe explain the state of play.

*Spoke too soon. Michael Chong has risen on a point of order to note that members are not supposed to read their speeches from prepared texts and the House is now gripped with vaguely debating the principles, practicalities and conventions related to this point.

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