’It is distressing’

Canadian Press lays out new details of the mess that has now culminated in Bill Kuebler’s dismissal.

The chief defence counsel at Guantanamo, Air Force Col. Peter Masciola, ordered Kuebler’s removal Friday in order to pursue “client-centred representation,” according to a statement from his office.

“The team representing Omar Khadr had become dysfunctional,” Masciola said in an interview. He said he could not elaborate because of privacy concerns and attorney-client privilege.

A source who asked not to be named said Saturday that Masciola had concluded that Kuebler was “a divisive figure on the military team and failed to act in best interests of Khadr.”

Strangely, a source close to the defence team disagrees. Lawrence Cannon’s office says they’re looking into the matter. Miss Universe was unavailable for comment.