Just like being there (II)

Pool report #2.

 Media pool is in place 20 minutes in advance of arrival.
 Sgt-at-Arms Kevin Vickers (sp?) ambles over to talk to media.
 Only visible non-official person (media, security, PMO, embassy staff) present behind the secure area appears to be Sen. Patrick Brazeau, who stands at back of media area surveying
 Lone PMO photog has prime position in alcove/catwalk above and behind the signning area in rotunda.
 Hush descends once PM arrives and casually greets the assembled parliamentary officers:
 Usher of the black rod; senate speaker; senate clerk; commons speaker; Commons clerk; and sgt at arms.
 President and PM enter and formally greet the officials. Inaudible.
 Harper leads Obama to a desk where the president sits and signs two guest books.
 “Thanks so much. It’s a great honour,” says Obama.
 The two leaders walk down hallway to their right toward PM’s office.

PM office photo op:
 Begins 20 minutes behind schedule.
 President, legs crossed, is seated in chair to PM’s right when pool enters.
 “Hello everybody,” obama calls out.
 “This is only a fraction of them,” says Harper, nodding to the tight media pool of about a dozen individuals.
 “Well a see a couple of Americans sprinkled in there,” says Obama, smiling.
 Harper stands and says, “let me get you in a “. . . inaudible(sounds like photo-op)
 “Alright,” says Obama, rising.
 They shake hands.
  “Bienvenue au Canada,” says PM. “Welcome.”
 “Thank-you so much for having me,” says president. “It’s a great honour.”
 PM responds: “Its a great honour to have you here. We really appreciate it.”
 Official says “OK, thank-you everybody” signalling end of photo-op.
 Obama says “Alright.”
 “Now we can talk about them,” says smiling PM as media start turning to leave.

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