Justin Trudeau vs. God

Michael Coren cheers that God sent a storm to Sudbury to prevent “Heretic Trudeau” from speaking to Catholic students. Justin Trudeau actually still managed to speak with students, but the crowd wasn’t as large as it might’ve been. Nonetheless, Campaign Life Catholics has sent out a news release—entitled ” ‘Act of God’ spares 900 catholic youth from Justin’s clutches”—to thank God for His efforts.


Sudbury, ON,  December 21, 2012 –   Faithful Catholics in Sudbury are thanking God today for having blocked pro-abortion extremist, Justin Trudeau, from being able to influence the hearts and minds of many children at St. Charles College High School. A winter storm caused the board to cancel school buses. An announcement on the Board’s website states that fewer than 100 students were present for the Liberal Leadership hopeful’s address this morning, contrasted with the 1000 it originally planned to pack into the school’s amphitheater. 

“God is good. He spared 900 Catholic youth from being potentially influenced by Justin’s immoral views in support of abortion and homosexual marriage”, said Kevin Murphy, a Catholic ratepayer and one of the protestors who stood outside the board office and St. Charles College for 4 days.  

Suresh Dominic, a spokesperson for Campaign Life Catholics, a division of Campaign Life Coalition, who helped organize the protests added, “We continue to disapprove of the board’s decision for allowing Justin to speak at the school, but we are thankful for the weather that limited Justin’s exposure to only 100 people.”

The Board had rebuffed critics by claiming that no risk of scandal to the faith of children existed since Justin was asked not to speak about abortion or homosexuality. Murphy disagrees with the Board’s reasoning, “That’s ludicrous”, he said. “There’s widespread public knowledge of Justin’s opposition to these Catholic teachings, so giving him a platform, regardless of the topic, can be interpreted by kids to mean that the Board is supportive of all that Justin stands for.”

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