Mariachi memories

In lieu of burritos, might we have some further clarification?

The New Democrats have helpfully uploaded video of the Reform party’s mariachi band celebration for Liberal Senator Andrew Thompson in 1998.

Meanwhile, the CBC questions Mike Duffy’s attendance at Senate committee and the Star says Mr. Duffy pitched his case to the Prime Minister after that February 13 caucus meeting.

It might be useful to know precisely what Mr. Duffy said to Mr. Harper that day. Mr. Harper’s use of the word “clarification” to describe what Mr. Duffy sought only begs the question what Mr. Duffy was seeking to clarify—particularly given that a week later, Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright had apparently come to some kind of agreement.

Otherwise, I suppose there are a couple matters the Prime Minister might clarify: what he has done to ascertain the details of what was going on within his office and what, if any, correspondence exists that is relevant to the issue of Mr. Duffy’s expenses. The latter matter might be covered by the outstanding order paper questions and access to information requests and I’m not sure what general precedent there is in Canadian politics for the sort of proactive disclosure that one might seek here, but perhaps we could set a new standard by not waiting to respond to the order paper questions or comply with the access to information requests and simply tabling or explaining whatever there is to be tabled or explained.

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