Pat Martin vs. Vic Toews: That escalated quickly

NDP MP takes to Twitter to take on Minister of Public Safety

NDP MP Pat Martin took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure with a local infrastructure project and the Minister of Public Safety.

First Nations were concerned ‘Youth for Christ’ would try to steal their children’s souls. Now building is empty…Vic Toews big project.

All the $oney for inner city youth went to USA Youth for Christ. Big building, no benefit. Vic Toews Mr family values. What gives?

All the money for inner city youth went to ‘Youth For Christ’, who are Vic Toews’ donors and buddies, now the bldg is all but empty.

Listen, I would never judge someone who screwed their babysitter for years or knocked up their secretary, so don’t ask me to. Respect…

Not sure the public really knows their Minister of Public Safety who forgot to invite me to announcement in my risding AGAIN!!! RFW

Next time I’m bringing my own folding chair if the Minister ‘forgets’ to invite me to his spending announcements in my riding. Arrogance

When Vic gave the USA Youth for Christ ALL the money for inner city youth, FN’s said they don’t want people to ‘steal their chldn’s souls’

These are truly bad people.They won their razor thin majority by cheating; Robocalls and who knows what else. American style dirty tricks.

@CTVMercedes I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the CPC who neglect to invite me to ancemnts in my riding

Look…Given the parliamentary session we’ve just endured, the term ‘rat faced whores’ is using a great deal of restraint…

All of which drew tweets from Conservative MPs Candice Bergen, Brian Jean and Mike Lake.

The issue of the Youth for Christ’s centre in Winnipeg goes back to February 2010, when Mr. Martin complained about the federally funded project. Mr. Toews responded to Mr. Martin. After city council approved the project, Mr. Martin pledged to support it. (More on the larger controversy here, here, herehere and here.)

The details of Mr. Toews’ personal life harken back to the Vikileaks controversy earlier this year.

Update 1:44pm. Pat Martin talked to the Winnipeg Free Press about his tweets. LaVar Payne passed judgment. And then Mr. Martin quit Twitter.

Update 2:00pm. Vic Toews responds.

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