President’s Questions

No Labels, a bipartisan organization pursuing democratic reform in the United States, revives the idea of introducing Question Period into the congressional system.

We should take a cue from the British Parliament’s regular questioning of the prime minister to create question time for the president and Congress. These meetings occasionally may be contentious, but at least they force leaders to actually debate one another, and defend their ideas.

Here’s how it would work: On a rotating basis the House and Senate would issue monthly invitations to the president to appear in the respective chamber for questions and discussion. Each question period would last 90 minutes and would be televised. The majority and minority would alternate questions. The president could, at his discretion, bring one or more cabinet members to the question period and refer specific questions to them.

John McCain raised the idea during the 2008 election. Nate Silver and Mark McKinnon considered the possibilities in 2010.