Mark Zuckerberg testifies at Congress: Full video

The Facebook CEO will appear before a joint meeting of the Senate judiciary and Senate commerce, science, and transportation committees. Watch a full video here.

How many investigations are going on?

The CIA, the FBI and a handful of congressional committees have been looking into links between Trump aides and Russian meddling with the election. And this is early days.

Washington warms up (a bit) to Trump

GOP members of Congress on Trump’s ‘impressive’ appearance in the capital. ‘There was no subject he didn’t talk about!’

Jim Inhofe: U.S. environmental overseer, climate-change denier

The Republican senator from Oklahoma once said environmentalists remind him of Nazis. And now he’ll oversee U.S. environmental policy.

How Obama’s bad night might be good news for Harper

The Republicans have wrested control of Congress—and that could help Canada’s energy and infrastructure agendas

Congress and CIA battle over torture investigation

America is trying to come to terms with its secret use of torture. If only the CIA wasn’t getting in the way.


Meanwhile, in the United States…

Bloomberg’s Mary Duenwald surveys the scene.


Harper on the United States

The official readout of the Prime Minister’s conversation with Barack Obama.


Better than Congress

Winslow Wheeler, who participated in the NDP’s F-35 hearings last month, finds that MPs exceed his expectations.


President’s Questions

No Labels, a bipartisan organization pursuing democratic reform in the United States, revives the idea of introducing Question Period into the congressional system.

Mandate with destiny

Jaime Weinman follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Obama health care law


REVIEW: It’s Even Worse Than it Looks

Book by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein