Seamus O’Regan takes the 60-second challenge

Learn what O’Regan’s mother calls him when she’s angry.
Seamus O’Reagan, Liberal


You can learn a lot about a person in one minute. Remember when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took our 60-Second Challenge? His impromptu poetry recital and sly allusion to a certain alter ego—Smokey Sussex—made headlines around the world. We asked Trudeau’s parliamentary colleagues from every party to take the same challenge. Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan played along. He and Conservative MP Lisa Raitt will have to agree to disagree on which sci-fi classic, Star Trek or Star Wars, is the superior franchise.

Maclean’s and l’actualité will celebrate a new class of MPs at Welcome to the Hill, a gala event at Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier on Feb. 23. The evening will culminate in a ceremony that honours an outstanding former parliamentarian with a lifetime achievement award.


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