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In light of conflicting counts circulating as to upcoming votes on Bill C-391, here is how we arrived at our most recent tally of 151-150.

In favour of Bill C-391 are counted 143 Conservatives, two independents and NDP MPs Bruce Hyer, John Rafferty, Nathan Cullen, Dennis Bevington, Jim Maloway and Peter Stoffer. That’s a total of 151 votes.

Against Bill C-391 are counted 75 Liberals, 48 Bloc Quebecois and 27 NDP MPs. That includes three New Democrats who have switched their votes: Charlie Angus, Claude Gravelle and Glenn Thibeault. That’s a total of 150 votes.

Not counted are the votes of Peter Milliken (the Speaker only votes in the event of a tie), Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Maurizio Bevilacqua (both of whom have officially resigned) and Inky Mark (who is expected to soon resign).

Three New Democrats who voted in favour of Bill C-391 when it was last put to the House—Malcolm Allen, Niki Ashton and Carol Hughes—are counted as undeclared at this point. Ms. Hughes has said she will not support a Liberal motion to scrap C-391, but she has not said what she would do in a straight up or down vote on the bill. Mr. Allen and Ms. Ashton have not, to my knowledge, committed one way or the other.

The one caveat is the vote of Bloc MP Jean Yves-Roy, who would seem to be deciding if or when he may vacate his seat. He has previously voted against C-391.

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