Soft on crime

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, Question Period, yesterday. “Soft on crime does not work. This is why I always say that when it comes to standing up for victims and law-abiding Canadians, the only people who can be counted on are in the Conservative Party and in this Conservative government.”

Canadian Police Association president Charles Momy, news conference, yesterday. “The Police Officers Recruitment Fund is insufficient both in terms of a lack of long-term sustainable funding, the amount of money being contributed to the funding and the controls over the use of those funds. Our member associations feel betrayed that these moneys are being diverted from front-line policing and are not sustainable for the long term.”

British Columbia Police Association president Tom Stamatakis, news conference, yesterday. “Not one of those dollars has made it to the city of Vancouver to assist with recruiting and deploying more front-line officers in that community. And the same can be said for every community in the province of British Columbia.”