UPDATED: Thanks but (Na)no(s) thanks: 60% nix EI election talk (37/32/15/8/7)

More details – and a headline obscurely puntastic enough to gain ITQ’s seal of approval —  on the EI numbers from the Toronto Star, which co-sponsored this poll with La Presse, so it would be just tacky not to give them full credit, but yes, she woke up early just so she could post a link to the latest PDF, because Nanos Research, you guys? Never needs to be prodded to put its regional breakdowns and background data online:

mmmm, tasty regional data delicacies

(Actually, she somehow managed to rouse at 2am, right when the email went out, and actually considered getting out of bed right then, but thought better of it, because that would seem just a little bit too keen.)

UPDATE: In his Friday column, the Globe’s Jeffrey Simpson teases us what may or may not turn out to be a sneak preview of the results of that other poll that Nanos told the twitterverse would be forthcoming:

A poll to be released Monday shows the ads have not stopped the incremental Liberal momentum. Liberals worry, however, that the ads are only the first volley in a sustained campaign against Mr. Ignatieff that, over time, will damage his image. After all, the campaign against Mr. Dion went on for months.

The ads, according to the poll, will show the impact greatest among hardcore, right-wing Conservatives but also among anti-American New Democrats for whom Mr. Ignatieff’s years in the United States raise concerns.

I’m not sure if he’s talking about the same one, though, because I would have thought the second poll would have been done for the same media outlets as the first, but I don’t always understand how these things work. Anyway, while we wait for the results of the poll – or polls – on the impact of the attack ads, it’s probably worth noting that the above summary, if accurate, would seem to be a modest victory at best for the Conservatives. I mean, how many “hardcore, right-wing Conservatives” would have been toying with the idea of switching their allegiance to the Liberals before the Just Visiting campaign was unleashed? And wouldn’t “anti-American New Democrats” have been staunchly opposed to the Count already, since this wouldn’t have been the first that they would have heard of his sojourns south of the border? Or is ITQ missing something?

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