The blame game (II)

NDP leader Jack Layton’s statement on the UN security council vote.

“For the first time since the creation of the United Nations, Canada has failed in its bid to serve as a non-permanent member of the Security Council. The result of today’s vote is deeply disappointing.

“Instead of trying to shift the blame, Stephen Harper’s government must accept responsibility for the loss of Canada’s reputation on the global stage. Every decade for the past 60 years, the world community trusted Canada with the grave responsibility of serving on the UN Security Council. Canada earned the confidence of the global community by conducting a responsible foreign policy which reflected a Canadian consensus on commitments to peace, justice and sustainable development.

“The Conservative government’s approach to foreign policy has isolated Canada. Mr. Harper has been on the wrong side of important global issues, from combating climate change to eradicating poverty. The world has watched as Mr. Harper has frozen our international assistance budget, failed to prioritize Africa, dismissed requests to assist with UN peacekeeping missions, refused to sign UN treaty on the rights of indigenous peoples and fought against the recognition of access to safe drinking water as a human right.

“Today’s results call for an overhaul of Conservative government’s foreign policy. It is time for a new approach that recognizes the common challenges that threaten global peace and security.

“The world expects Canadian leadership on combating climate change, preventing conflicts, advancing nuclear disarmament, eradicating poverty and contributing to peace building. New Democrats are willing to work with the government to achieve these goals and repair our country’s reputation.”

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