The case for Paul Dewar

The text of an email sent by NDP MP Hélène Laverdière to her riding volunteers, shortly after she endorsed Paul Dewar.

Much has been said about the massive support of Quebecers for the NDP in the last federal election.

Yes, the ideas, the values, the social project that was proposed by the NDP met the aspirations of many Quebecers. But as many have pointed out, it was also Jack’s voice that reached out to Quebecers. This man, Jack Layton, touched people with his sincerity, authenticity, and integrity. What they chose, on May 2, was leadership they could trust, leadership that struck a chord, a new way of doing politics.

A few months later, Jack left us, but the echo of his words still resonate. The message of change he proposed to Quebecers – the message of change that Quebecers embraced – lives on, despite repeated Conservative attacks on our most fundamental values of social justice and democracy, the values at the heart of our identity.

As we prepare to choose a new leader, a leader who will engage Canadians across the country to rally behind the NDP and form the next government of Canada, we are also seeking the one who will embody the hope that embraced Quebec last spring. This person, I think, is Paul Dewar.

I believe in Paul Dewar. He is frank and honest, he speaks from the heart and wins our trust.

I believe in Paul’s vision. He is intelligent and passionate, he has a real vision for a progressive Canada – and a strong and innovative plan to get there.

Paul shares the values of Quebecers and is ready to defend their interests. His mastery of French is improving day by day.

Above all, Paul holds out the hope that I believe in: through his deep commitment to democracy and social justice, Paul lives the possibility of a better world and a new way of doing politics.

That is, in my opinion, what Quebecers want. It is what, I believe, we need.

Paul Dewar as NDP leader will have the compassionate and credible leadership that will inspire and rally the progressive forces both here and across the country. Together, we will take the next step forward, now, to build in a few short years a government in our image.

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

Hélène Laverdière
MP, Laurier-Sainte-Marie