The charming Mr. Goodyear

Select excerpts from Gary Goodyear’s responses to opposition questions during QP today.

Mr. Speaker, the member is absolutely wrong.

The member may not know but the auto industry spans the entire continent and we have been working well with the Americans.

Mr. Speaker, the first thing I would like to do is welcome the member to the House of Commons here in Ottawa. Obviously he has either not been here or not paying attention.

Mr. Speaker, this member is absolutely incorrect. I suppose that is okay because that member is voting against the budget anyway.

Mr. Speaker, I mentioned it earlier, but the member was probably not listening, so I will say it again a little bit slower this time.

If the member would slow down and read the budget, she would see $5.1 billion of additional new funding. 

Mr. Speaker, I wonder what the hon. member wishes us to do when most of the cars that we build here in Canada are sold in the United States. The member may not know this but the United States is in a serious recession right now and it is not buying cars.

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