The enduring allure of the written word

And so it turns out that the assistant who sent out Garry Breitkreuz’s colourful press release also wrote a letter to the editor of a smalltown newspaper without identifying his professional association.

The press release was sent to reporters by Breitkreuz’s parliamentary assistant Brant Scott. Scott, last fall, sent a letter to the editor of an Ottawa-area newspaper arguing against the gun registry but did not identify himself in that letter as a member of Breitkreuz’s staff … Scott’s letter does not mention Breitkreuz and, in the letter, he makes the case to dismantle the registry using several arguments Breitkreuz has often used.

Scott, on Wednesday, said he was acting “as a private citizen” when he wrote the letter and “did not see the connection” that he ought to have identified himself as Breitkreuz’s employee.

That letter is here. And since the press release, strangely, seems to have disappeared from Mr. Breitkreuz’s website, we’ve made it available here.

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