The farce is strong in these ones

With Thomas Mulcair visiting Brantford, Conservative MP Phil McColeman uses the phrase “carbon tax” three times in the space of a five-sentence quote (and his remarks are reported without being challenged).

And with Mr. Mulcair visiting London, Conservative MPs Susan Truppe, Joe Preston and Ed Holder send a letter to the Free Press to complain that, while in the city, the NDP leader didn’t mention a policy he hasn’t proposed.

Here, again, are the reasons why this is farcical.

Mr. Mulcair has proposed pursuing a cap-and-trade system. Mr. McColeman, Mr. Preston and Mr. Holder were Conservative candidates in 2008, when their party platform included a promise to pursue a continental cap-and-trade system. They were duly elected Conservative MPs when the Harper government included that promise in its Throne Speech and when the Harper government was apparently working with the provinces to establish that cap-and-trade system.

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