The paper trail (II)

In the prosecution of their case that Bev Oda misled the House, the Liberals have distributed a brief that points to Bev Oda’s committee testimony of December 9, an answer she gave during QP on October 28 and a written response to an order paper question filed last March that reads as follows (emphasis theirs).

Question: With regard to KAIROS, which has lost its funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as of November 30, 2009 due to KAIROS no longer fitting CIDA priorities: (a) what are the CIDA priorities that did not fit well with the priorities of KAIROS; (b) what sort of criteria does CIDA examine to determine whether or not a non-governmental organization will receive funding; and (c) what specific criteria did KAIROS not meet to have their funding cut by CIDA?

Answer. (a) The CIDA decision not to continue funding KAIROS was based on the overall assessment of the proposal, not on any single criterion. (b) Non-government organizations’ proposals to CIDA are assessed on a variety of criteria, which are described on CIDA’s website (c) CIDA receives more proposals than it has the resources to fund, so that even some proposals that meet the Agency’s basic criteria must be turned down.