The refighting of WWI enters its third day

Everyone is profoundly saddened

Asked about his comments of 2007 that were first reported two years ago, Alexandre Boulerice questions Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney.

Boulerice offered no defence of his comments, but he did shoot back at Blaney on Wednesday. “I think Mr. Blaney yesterday, it was the last day to engage in partisan politics and to try and score points like that, with old stories,” said Boulerice in Montreal. “He is the minister who is making the largest cuts in support programs for disabled veterans.”

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole is profoundly saddened.

Just appeared on @SunNewsNetwork to discuss #VimyRidgeDay and the unfortunate commentary from an #NDP MP that has clouded this week

So perhaps Mr. Boulerice and Mr. O’Toole are in agreement that this shouldn’t have been brought up this week?

Meanwhile, Sun reporter Brigitte Pellerin says Mr. Boulerice didn’t insult soldiers and John Geddes explores the political history of World War I. If this discussion is to continue, it should at least include a debate about the Conscription Crisis.

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