The revolution gets bumped up two days

Michael Chong to table his bill on Tuesday

Michael Chong announces that “due to the interest surrounding” his bill on parliamentary reform will be tabled on Tuesday, two days earlier than originally planned.

The bill should not be viewed as a critique on any of the current leaders in the House of Commons. To suggest otherwise, misinterprets the intent of the bill…

I look forward to a vigourous debate on the merits of these proposed reforms to Canada’s Parliament and hope the bill will receive multi-party support.

NDP MP Linda Duncan seemed not terribly interested in Mr. Chong’s proposals on Friday, but Craig Scott, the NDP’s democratic reform critic, says he had an “interesting” chat with Mr. Chong and is looking forward to seeing the bill. Liberal MP Hedy Fry seems interested as well. Independent MP Brent Rathgeber says if the bill has been accurately reported, he’ll support it.

The bill already has its own hashtag and an unofficial website (setup by the deputy leader of the Green party of Ontario).