Third-person parody

Rising just before QP yesterday, Glenn Thibeault, the NDP MP for Sudbury, offered his best Justin Trudeau impression.

Mr. Speaker, the member for Sudbury loves this country unconditionally, and the question is not whether New Democrats will defeat the Conservatives and form a government for all Canadians, because the question is ridiculous. Of course we will. Will the member for Sudbury give up on his Canada because of that government? Of course he will not.

New Democrats from every region will never stop fighting to put Canadian families ahead of Conservative insiders. Enough of the same old tired debates, enough of the divisive politics of the past. As Jack Layton said, travaillons ensemble.

The member for Sudbury is proud to be part of a strong team that includes 58 New Democrats from Quebec, elected on a commitment to work together to build a stronger and more united country, to take on this out-of-touch government and defeat them in 2015. That is how we build the Canada of our dreams. The member for Sudbury invites all those who love this country to join with New Democrats and make it happen.

Mr. Trudeau joined New Democrats in standing to applaud this.