Glenn Thibeault

Glenn Thibeault quits NDP for Ontario Liberals

Federal NDP MP goes to the Ontario Liberals


Breaking news: Your imported hockey helmet will cost less

The Finance Department admits an oversight

How do you explain away an increase in tariffs?

‘There are no tax increases in budget 2013’


Debating C-45

The proposed amendments are presently being read into the record and put to voice votes in the House. As I type, Joe Comartin just read Motion 386, leaving just less than 300 to go. While we wait for the reading to end and the standing votes to begin, a few random speeches (courtesy of YouTube) from the C-45 debate.

Liberal MP Judy Foote.


Third-person parody

Rising just before QP yesterday, Glenn Thibeault, the NDP MP for Sudbury, offered his best Justin Trudeau impression.


The endorsements

Peggy Nash wins the support of Laurin Liu and Elaine Michaud. And Brian Masse has endorsed Nathan Cullen. Glenn Thibeault endorsed Thomas Mulcair yesterday. And, last week, Carol Hughes endorsed Niki Ashton.


For Roger

NDP MP Glenn Thibeault reflects on his brother, Roger, who died 20 years ago of AIDS.


The long-gun registry six

A footnote to this footnote.


Andrew Ference Maverick Watch

The NHL defenceman who addressed the NDP convention last year criticizes a teammate’s hit and is duly chastized like a dissenting backbencher.


How Stockwell Day got crutches and lost his shirt

Plus: the scene in Ottawa on Parliament’s first day back


Back to work

The House of Commons resumed business this morning at 11 o’clock and the first Question Period of the year is but an hour away.

An NDP Christmas

NDP MPs gathered for their annual Christmas dinner. Below, Glenn Thibeault.