This is the week that was

The NDP candidates brought their travelling road show to Halifax. Thomas Mulcair fought questions about his donation history. Nathan Cullen explained himself. Paul Dewar challenged the Harper government’s Middle East policy. Mr. Dewar and Peggy Nash proposed help for families and greater equality. Fundraising totals provided a measure of the race. Alice Funke surveyed the NDP race.Ms. Nash promised to take the NDP where it wanted to go. Brian Topp explained how the NDP would win. Ms. Nash proposed pension solutions. Mr. Topp, Mr. Dewar and Ms. Nash blasted the actions of Electro-Motive.

The House reconvened and Old Age Security became the focus. The crisis was questioned. If it was a crisis, it was newly discovered. Bob Rae fumed. The NDP moved for debate. The Conservative caucus complained. The New Democrats directly questioned the government’s intent. And the Prime Minister allowed that a change was being considered.

Megan Leslie asked Joe Oliver if he believed in climate change. Then she asked him again. Then Evan Solomon gave it a shot. And then, finally, Mr. Oliver confessed that the science was clear.

Brad Trost championed independence. His party kept quiet. The Conservatives warned that the NDP might do what the Conservatives once wanted to do. Stephen Gordon considered austerity. Newt Gingrich worried about extremists. Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu suggested convicted murders kill themselves. Statistics Canada lost its top economic analyst. A citizenship ceremony was staged. A symbol of the government’s economic management went out of business. And the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition met for a “very cordial” chat.

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