What happened and why (II)

Some more numbers from the Canadian Election Study’s 2008 surveys, this time on party feelings and allegiances.

In federal politics, do you usually think of yourself as a:
Liberal 23.8%
Conservative 23.0%
NDP 9.6%

Is there any Federal political party that is just too extreme for you?
Liberal 4.1%
Conservative 16.1%
NDP 7.7%

Which party do you think you will vote for / did you vote for?
Liberal 15.9%
Conservative 24.8%
NDP 12.6%

Which party would be your second choice / was your second choice?
Liberal 23.0%
Conservative 12.6%
NDP 23.9%

Is there a party you would absolutely not vote for?
Liberal 14.4%
Conservative 25.6%
NDP 11.6%