What the Conservatives promised

The new health transfer model apparently comes with no strings attached.

Like the six percent promise, that seems at odds with what the Conservatives promised during the campaign. This from the party’s election platform (emphasis theirs).

Canadians expect and deserve timely access to high-quality health care services. To help achieve that goal, we will work collaboratively with the provinces and territories to renew the Health Accord and to continue reducing wait times.

In our discussions we will emphasize the importance of accountability and results for Canadians – better reporting from the provinces and territories to measure progress, and guarantees covering additional medically necessary procedures.

In the spirit of open federalism, when renewing the Health Accord we will respect the fact that health care is an area of provincial jurisdiction and respect limits on the federal spending power.

Recognizing asymmetrical federalism, we will follow the precedent of a separate agreement with the Government of Quebec regarding the implementation of the renewed Health Accord.

Accountability was a favourite word of the Conservatives after the campaign too. The Health Minister invoked it as recently as a week ago.