You can never have too many MPs

With the Conservatives apparently hesitant to simply add MPs for Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for fear of offending Quebec, the Mowat Centre proposes a solution.

A report from the Mowat Centre, an Ontario-issues think tank, is proposing that legislation should guarantee that Quebec’s representation in the House of Commons never falls below what its population warrants.

If the House were increased by 30 seats to bring Ontario, B.C. and Alberta closer to their fair share, Quebec would receive four seats as well, increasing the number of MPs to 342 from 308. Such a move would reflect “Quebec’s unique place in the federation,” the report states.

Something like the Mowat Centre’s proposal could, conceivably, have the support of Liberals and New Democrats. Bob Rae, who has called for an “open discussion on the question of minimums,” predicted last month the Prime Minister would ultimately put forward a compromise. Brian ToppThomas Mulcair and various other New Democrats have also generally advocated for special consideration.

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