Toronto election 2018: Live results map

Detailed results for Toronto’s 2018 municipal election

The residents of Canada’s largest city went to the polls Monday to elect a mayor and a new, much smaller city council.

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The size of council was slashed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford from 47 seats to 25 in what the premier’s critics called an attack on his former opponents at city hall. (Ford was a controversial city councillor and effectively a co-mayor next to his late brother Rob Ford. Doug also unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2014 after his brother withdrew due to ill health.) Two hundred and forty-two candidates were fighting for a spot on council this year.

Mayor John Tory was favoured to win re-election; Jennifer Keesmaat, the former chief city planner, was running a distant second in the polls. While the campaign was dominated early on by the chaos of Ford’s council resizing, it eventually settled on a battle between Keesmaat the progressive and Tory the ‘steady as she goes’ incumbent.

Polls closed at 8 p.m. Soon after, Tory emerged as the clear winner, taking nearly 64% of the popular vote. Keesmaat came in second with about 24% of the votes.

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