Where famous Canucks go to play

Travel-savvy celebs tell us what to see in their home provinces


Russell Peters

Russell Peters
“The Kee to Bala is always really cool. It’s in Bala, Ont. They always have these really impressive acts up there. It’s in the middle of nowhere, which makes it even more impressive. James Brown even played there. I played it in 2003. I remember seeing that George Clinton was coming up there the week after me. I’m like, what the hell? First of all, it’s George Clinton. Second of all, what the hell do they know about soul and Funkadelic in northern Ontario? The cottage crowd generally likes your basic Steely Dan, your Doobie Brothers and your yacht rock, as they like to call it.” (This year’s summer lineup includes the Sam Roberts Band, Gord Downie and Hedley.)

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Joannie Rochette

Joannie Rochette
Figure skater, 2010 Olympic bronze medallis
“Usually when people come to Montreal, I take them to Mount Royal [the 200-hectare park in the city]. You have a great view of the whole city. And there are four or five paths to walk. It’s very beautiful. Rawdon [a popular cottage spot 45 minutes north of Montreal] is a cute little village with a nice lake for boating. A friend who lives there takes us water skiing.”

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Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley Wickenheiser
Four-time Olympic hockey medallist

“Cypress Hills [in southwestern Saskatchewan] is a can’t-miss spot—it’s not a huge lake or camping-resort area, but that’s what makes it unique. There’s lots to do: golf, hiking, biking and being on the water. It’s not too busy, easy to access and kid-friendly. I also enjoy spending time at Lumsden Beach, near Regina Beach. It’s not populated by too many people, has clean water, great running trails and is very quiet.”

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New Brunswick

Julie DoironJulie Doiron

“A place that’s really beautiful is Chignecto Bay. It’s a part of the Bay of Fundy. You have to drive around and go on the other side of the water [to] Rockport. It’s not even a town, it’s just these little houses—that area is beautiful. When the water is out, you can run and mud-slide. I get really scared of that mud. When I was a kid it seemed like it was more powerful than me—really sticky mud that you can sink in up to your ankles, and I always used to imagine sinking in up to my head.”

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Laureen HarperLaureen Harper
Prime Minister’s wife
“One of my favourite parts of Alberta is the Cowboy Trail. It really is Highway 22 and goes from Mayerthorpe northwest of Edmonton to Waterton Park on the very southern border of Alberta. I grew up along Highway 22. The views are spectacular and the further south you go, the emptier the country gets. I love to stop at the Longview Beef Jerky shop to load up on food for the trip. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is always worth a visit. And at the very bottom of the province is Waterton Lakes National Park, one of the most beautiful places in Canada.”

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Seamus O’Regan
Co-host of CTV’s Canada AM

“My two favourite nooks embrace the old and the new Newfoundland. John and Peggy at Fishers’ Loft Inn in Port Rexton nail every detail: simple, elegant food from their garden (and the sea!), gorgeous rooms, and wickedly funny locals serving you! My pals Jason and Leslie Brake have brought Montreal chic to their St. John’s hotel, Blue on Water. But Newfoundlanders don’t rely on mood lighting alone. We demand fresh fish, and theirs is the freshest. Plus, Jason’s mother’s homemade beans can’t be beat. Just don’t sit next to me on the flight back to Toronto.”

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Prince Edward Island

Michael SmithMichael Smith
Host, Food Network’s Chef at Home
“Eastern P.E.I. is home to not one, but two world-class distilleries. Myriad View is running off legal moonshine and truly amazing wildly aromatic gin. Just down the road, Prince Edward Distillery makes North America’s only true potato vodka. Both spots are great fun to visit for a tasting!”

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British Columbia

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard
Hedley front man
“Whether you’re climbing the cliffs at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, or navigating the Vedder River, there’s always somewhere to go and something to see. The Cherry Festival in the heart of the Okanagan is essential to any summertime experience. And Bowron Lakes is a 10-day canoe-portage circuit best travelled in the summer. Although, in the fall, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be within 30 feet of grizzlies feasting on the autumn salmon run. Maybe not for the recreational weekend camper, but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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Jon Montgomery

Jon Montgomery
Skeleton racer, 2010 Olympic gold medallist
“One thing you need to make sure you do is put on your insect repellent because you might get carried away by the mosquitoes if not. I head to Riding Mountain National Park, play some golf, spend some time at the cabin. Just outside of Russell, Man., is Lake of the Prairies—a reservoir with great fishing. And Clear Lake is about an hour and 10 minutes away. There’s not a whole lot of lakes in Alberta [Montgomery trains in Calgary], so unfortunately everyone ends up at the same one. You’ve got the pick of the litter in Manitoba. There’s nothing but lakes.”

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Nova Scotia

Linden MacIntyreLinden MacIntyre
Giller Prize-winning author of The Bishop’s Man

“The Chestico Homecoming Boat Parade is the highlight of the annual homecoming weekend in Port Hood, N.S., when as many as 75 local fishermen decorate and marshal their boats for a colourful flotilla sail-past on the Sunday afternoon of the long weekend at the beginning of August. It is a stirring show of vitality and solidarity by a hardy species of small business people who know their way of life is endangered but who, each year, make this vivid statement that they will not go gently, nor any time soon.”

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The North

Lucie IdloutLucie Idlout

“Pond Inlet, on North Baffin Island, is one of those places in the world that everyone should get to at least once in their life. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and sits on the shores of Eclipse Sound. It’s common to see glaciers, tons of wildlife, including whales. With 24 hours of daylight, the sun circles in the sky, so if you want to stay up all night, it’s like getting a double vacation—twice the time for the price of one trip. You can sea qajaaq [kayak], hike, or camp with an outfitter, as well as learn about Inuit history and an ancient culture.”

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