Acadia University

(Courtesy of Grant Lohnes/Acadia University)

Acadia University: Student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to live, campus food and more
Acadia University students in a dorm

Acadia University: student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best place to study, live music venues and more
Acadia University Campus

Acadia University: student life on campus

Best place for a nap, good hangover breakfast, and more

On-the-ground study with Acadia University’s environmental science

As part of this program, undergraduates have an opportunity to do fieldwork with significance

Why a group of small universities believes the future is theirs

Known as the ’Maple League’, the four universities promote the advantage they have over big-city schools: an intimate undergraduate experience
Acadia University campus

Acadia University 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more

An Acadia insider’s perspective on campus life
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