A young boy in a white t-shirt and blue jeans sits cross-legged and stares intently ahead, holding a gaming console in his hand

They Lost their Kids to Fortnite

A group of Canadian parents say their kids are so addicted to the video game Fortnite that they’ve stopped eating, sleeping and showering. Now these parents want to hold its tech-giant creator accountable.

Ontario’s online betting boom makes it hard to be a recovered gambling addict

When Ontario legalized online single-game sports betting—followed by the flood of ads promoting gambling—it put the recovery of countless recovered addicts like me to the test

What’s really making North Americans so unhappy?

Peter Shawn Taylor: Happiness researchers like Jeffrey Sachs argue we’re suffering from an epidemic of addictions. But science and history tell a different story.

Oshawa’s new mayor once saved his own life from ruin. Can he save his city next?

Dan Carter struggled with alcoholism and homelessness before turning his life around. Now the mayor of a town reeling from a major loss, he has a new challenge ahead of him.

Is cannabis addictive? Is it a gateway drug?

Addictive? No, but you can definitely develop a dependency.
Food Rules, Challenging U.S. Society’s Idea of Food

Why food guru Michael Pollan decided to feed his head with psychedelic drugs

Pollan argues that hallucinogens have ’enormous potential’ to treat depression and other mental illnesses
Dr. Darryl Gebien. (Photograph by Jennifer Roberts)

How fentanyl turned an ER doctor into an addict

Dr. Darryl Gebien had a young family and a rewarding career. A fentanyl addiction left him broke, near death and destined for prison.
A kindness meter on the street in Victoria, BC. (Melanie Z. Kilpatrick)

Why ’kindness meters’ are a horrible way to deal with panhandlers

An new approach to dealing with panhandlers is catching on. But they fail to live up to the ’kindness’ in the name.
Maureen Palmer and Mike Pond.

An alcoholic therapist’s search for an evidence-based treatment

Alcoholism nearly killed therapist Michael Pond. Now, he’s looking for answers on why substance-abuse treatment can be so hard to find.
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Kicking the habit of how we see addiction

Book review: A neuroscientist who was addicted to opiates takes aim at the idea that addiction is a disease