aging population

The risk we all face but aren’t talking about

Getting sick is something we all face. But, what happens to you in such a situation depends very much on where you work and who you work for.

The tidal wave of seniors has to be seen to be understood

As much as we’ve talked about Canada’s aging population, it’s hard to appreciate it without seeing it in action

All the lonely old people

An epidemic of loneliness is Britain’s ‘national shame’ and a growing health crisis among the elderly


Flaherty vs. Garneau: Is an aging population just one cost-driver among many?

Anyone paying even glancing attention to public policy debates over the past decade or so can’t have avoided taking in the received wisdom that an aging population is one of the most pressing challenges.

How boomers are weighing down the employment rate

Population aging is affecting the recovery

Healthcare: Technology is a bigger cost driver than demography

Elderly patients are responsible for only a tiny fraction of healthcare spending increases


Flaherty’s non-negotiable terms fit health spending reality [UPDATED]

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s decision to lay down the law, rather than open up negotiations, on health care transfers from the federal government to the provinces might have been a tad undiplomatic. But there’s only so much anyone can say about the etiquette of federal-provincial relations without losing all contact with reality, and that leaves us with numbers, not niceties, to consider.

The end of hospitals

Can home care fix our crumbling health system?

If demographics is destiny, the future looks...relaxing

If demographics is destiny, the future looks relaxing

Canada’s population may be aging, but it’s also less stressed


Don’t seniors deserve better?

Each day in Canada, 7,550 hospital beds are filled with the elderly who don’t belong there—and it’s bad for their health


Education and an aging population

Studies predict fewer teachers needed in Ontario, more “moderatist” profs in the United States