Air Canada

Canada’s oh-so-slow, less-than-reassuring grounding of the Boeing Max 8

Marc Garneau’s clinical explanation after the Ethiopian Airlines crash belied the nature of his subject matter—the stuff of deep human phobia

This is where Canada’s 737 Max 8 jets flew the day an Ethiopian plane went down

Canada’s fleet of 737 MAX 8s were in the air constantly on March 10. One of them criss-crossed North America for almost 17 hours.

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Air Canada buys Aeroplan: What does it mean for your points?

Air Canada has said Aeroplan miles will be transferable into its new loyalty program in 2020

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Keep calm and leave your carry-on luggage

Why do so many passengers, like those on the Emirates flight that crashed this week, stop to get their bags before evacuating a burning plane?

What’s behind the spate of bomb threats against airlines?

Hoax or not, airlines have no choice but to take bomb threats seriously, despite the considerable costs to themselves, passengers and emergency personnel

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Air Canada is prepared to crack down on your carry-on luggage. Will it work this time?

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It takes work to make flying this miserable. But it pays.