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Where to eat, drink, play and stay in Winnipeg

All the standout spots to savour in Manitoba’s vibrant cultural hub
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How artist Stan Douglas recreates scenes of political unrest

With his latest exhibit, "2011 ≠ 1848," Douglas represented Canada at the Venice Biennale
© Junji Takasago, Wildlife Photographer of the Year

See the best wildlife photos of the year before they arrive at the ROM

A showcase of the best works from the 58th annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards arrives at the Royal Ontario Museum this weekend
Photography by Wei Xu

How miniaturists are making tiny design dreams come true

Inside the dopamine-inducing subculture of marvellously micro spaces
The first NFT Mosquera minted, “Patterns Unfolding,” fetched over $8,000.

When will the NFT bubble burst?

NFTs are great for artists, but is blockchain really the future of art?
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Artist Judy Chicago brings the smoke to Toronto Biennial of Art

Acclaimed artist Judy Chicago is presenting her famous “smoke sculptures” north of the border for the first time
(Illustration by LeeAndra Cianci)

This Canadian teenager wrote your favourite Frida Kahlo quote

The web has wrongly credited the brooding meditations of a Canadian teen to the artist Frida Kahlo. Is that necessarily a bad thing?
Maud Lewis in her studio, February, 1965. (Photo ©Bob Brooks)

Two paintings by a beloved Nova Scotia folk artist have vanished. Can they have gone far?

Maud Lewis’s paintings have recently become sought-after collectibles. Two have disappeared–and they’re tearing a community apart.

The story behind Marc-André Fleury’s Indigenous-designed helmet

The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to honour their Indigenous namesakes. Toronto-based Ojibwe artist Patrick Hunter explains the thinking behind the new helmet.
Sculptures at the Cannes Underwater Eco-Museum in France (Courtesy of @jasondecairestaylor /

Why these artists are leaving ghostly sculptures at the bottom of the ocean

Artists are populating seabeds with sculptures that attract divers while also asking whether they should really be there