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No protection for asylum seekers at U.S.-Mexico border

Sara Gold and Andrea Salguero: There are some 15,000 asylum seekers waiting in Ciudad Juárez due to the U.S. government’s ‘Migrant Protection Protocols’

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Why the explosive debate over asylum seekers could define the next federal election

With political barbs flying and hate-filled incidents on the rise, a dramatic new poll suggests most Canadians think securing the border is more important than helping migrants—and that the country can’t take any more refugees

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Opinion: Anti-immigrant rhetoric is part of Canada’s history—and since glories of the past have inspired alt-right movements, that thinking needs to be called out when it’s seen

Why Canada should let Haitian asylum seekers stay

It’s not just compassion that should drive government policy towards Haitian migrants. Western countries, Canada included, owe the country a massive debt, says Andray Domise.

How Canada could prepare for potential new wave of asylum seekers

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The influx of asylum-seekers pits hostile residents and vendors against organizers fighting for tolerance

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Will the Haitian asylum-seekers in Montreal get to stay?

The hopes of those crossing the border are high, but recent history shows they’re far from assured of a successful outcome

What happens when asylum seekers cross the U.S.-Canada border

With asylum seekers still traveling north and crossing the border illegally, Krista Hessey explains what happens once they set foot on Canadian soil.

How Canada’s border towns are dealing with a growing stream of refugees

Twenty-four hours. Four provinces. Seven towns. What one day on the Canada-U.S. line says about refugees, Canadian tolerance and Trump’s America