Ford tours the Specialized Care Centre, run by The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre on Jan. 4, 2022 (Tijana Martin/CP)

Our current health-care disaster could have been averted

Justin Ling: All the promises we heard over two years about strengthening the health-care system turned to sand. Now health care workers and Canadians are paying the price.
An RCAF helicopter surveys the scene after rainstorms lashed British Columbia, triggering landslides and floods, shutting highways, in Abbottsford, B.C., Nov. 21, 2021. (Jennifer Gauthier, pool/CP)

Canada’s economy won’t prosper without climate change investments

Opinion: The B.C. floods remind us of the consequences of ignoring the need for investment into infrastructure
(Illustration by Alex Fine)

A B.C. mountain goat was the unlikely champion in a match against a grizzly

This mountain goat proved that in nature, as in human society, the underdog always has a fighting chance
Brunt in the bicycle area of the Vancouver Police Department’s property room. (Photograph by Vishal Marapon)

Meet Canada’s only full-time bike theft detective

Vancouver has finally put a dent in its long-running bike theft epidemic. All it took was one dedicated officer.
Trudeau walking the beach with his wife Sophie at Tofino, B.C. (Global/Twitter)

Trudeau hits the beach in Tofino. At least he isn’t surfing.

Image of the Week: Symbolism is an important part of reconciliation with First Nations. The PM’s oceanside getaway could not have made that clearer.
Chris Paulson holds a lynx. (@akurjata/Twitter)

How do you pick up a wild lynx? Damned carefully.

Image of the Week: This worked for a B.C. man who knows a thing or two about wild animals. Don’t try it at home.
David Eby

The one thing that could bring back responsible government

Tom Parkin: A referendum this fall in B.C. could spark a Canada-wide move toward electoral reform—and restore some faith in our democracy
Justin Trudeau Rachel Notley

Justin Trudeau is going to have to buy himself a pipeline

Stephen Maher: Putting up the money for Kinder Morgan would help Rachel Notley, reassure investors and give B.C.’s John Horgan an out
A transit bus reminding people to vote travels in downtown Vancouver

Why B.C.’s latest electoral reform vote is probably doomed (again)

B.C. will take yet another stab at electoral reform in 2018, but the odds look stacked against champions of change
2017 BC Election results-822

B.C. Election 2017: How the electoral map changed

These comparisons show which electoral ridings changed hands in the 2017 provincial election, and where the boundaries shifted