A spokeswoman for Tim Hortons says its restaurants won't be selling a new Barbie made in collaboration with the coffee chain until both Black and white versions of the hockey-themed dolls, seen in an undated handout photo, are available. (Tim Hortons/CP)

Tim Hortons and Barbie: two minutes each for delay of game

Image of the Week: Tim’s was set to roll out an exclusively white Hockey Barbie when it suddenly woke up to the times
Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Barbie (Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn)

HBC’s ’Colonial Barbie’ comes with some baggage

The toy, emblazoned in the Hudson’s Bay Company’s iconic colours, is a hot-ticket reminder of a colonial past
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Talking Points: Of curvy Barbie and emissions malarkey

Speed read the news with our Talking Points round-up, and sound like the smartest person in the room
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Barbie vs. Bratz epic legal battle nearing an end

Mattel and MGA’s court room allegations sound more Cold War than toy store
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Barbie learns China isn’t the easy mark it’s thought to be

Just two years after inaugurating a superstore in Shanghai, Barbie is packing up
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Romance in a miniature war town

After a horrific assault, therapy for one man is imagining life as a downed fighter pilot
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The hair of the Mutt, That’ll teach them to follow the law and Twin peaks
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What signal does Barbie’s burka send?

Women forbidden by law from feeling sunlight—hey, that’s a positive message for young girls
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Fixes for some common problems

Evolution too slow for you? Happier talking to the kids about sex than money? I can help.