Barry sherman

Barry and Honey Sherman murders’ newest twist: family and police join forces

The private investigation into the Sherman murders is complete, and its tip line has been shut down, raising more questions about the two-year-old case

Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman? A new book offers fascinating insights.

Kevin Donovan, the chief investigative reporter at the Toronto Star, talks about the unique investigation, the family and why he believes the case will be solved

Honey and Barry Sherman

Sherman family lawyer offers update on private murder investigation

Brian Greenspan holds a news conference with updates on a private investigation conducted after Barry and Honey’s double murder

The other side of Barry Sherman

Barry and Honey Sherman were beloved philanthropists. But he lived amid feuding family members, endless lawsuits and claims of corporate espionage. What really happened before their tragic deaths.

The Barry and Honey Sherman murder investigation by the numbers

Police have collected several terabytes of security footage and seized at least 150 items related to the Shermans’ deaths

Former CEO of Barry Sherman’s drug company fights back in ‘pillow-talk’ suit

Jeremy Desai denies being romantically involved with the executive of a rival firm and obtaining valuable trade secrets from her

Barry Sherman’s company says fired employee stole valuable drug secrets

A lawsuit filed by Apotex months before the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman alleges the worker planned to start his own drug-making company

Barry Sherman’s legal battle with his cousins goes on weeks after his murder

Winning $300,000 in costs from his relatives apparently wasn’t enough. The day after his memorial, the drug tycoon’s lawyers appealed for more than three times that amount.

Judge greenlights lawsuit alleging Barry Sherman’s company stole rival’s trade secrets

The ruling comes shortly after Jeremy Desai, the man at the centre of the lawsuit, stepped down as Apotex CEO ‘to pursue other opportunities’

Barry and Honey Sherman murders: What’s slowing the cops down at Apotex headquarters

Files covered by solicitor-client privilege might hold the case-breaking clue. Who decides whether police can see them?

Toronto police update Barry and Honey Sherman investigation: Full video

Police are investigating the Sherman deaths as a double homicide

Barry Sherman’s death cuts short the lobbying probe against him

The democracy watchdog group that complained about Sherman’s activities promises to challenge the decision in court