Bill 101

Trudeau sits with Legault during a meeting in Montreal on Dec. 7, 2018 (MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE/AFP via Getty Images)

Quebec puts the heat back on Trudeau

Tom Mulcair: With the Legault government pushing the language law debate again, the federal Liberals will be put to the test—and can’t afford to fail

Tongue-tied no longer

Canada’s language wars are over

After 50 fraught years of fights, including a constitutional battle or three, French Canada has won

I’m a trilingual Quebecer and I’m bitter

If this province doesn’t grow up, I might leave

Colby Cosh on the real tension behind Bill 101 and the Pasta Affair

… So it’s OK to eat pasta, but not to name it?

Justin Trudeau comes out swinging against PQ language plan

QUEBEC – Justin Trudeau has pressed one of the hottest issue buttons in Quebec, saying there’s no need to toughen the province’s language laws.

Good news, bad news

This week: kidney swap, Lance Armstrong, and protesting MP Kelly Block

PQ accomplishes the impossible—makes life easy for Liberals

Marois has already overplayed her hand and completely misread the population she claims to represent

All the nous that’s fit to speak

The PQ on the right and the wrong kind of Quebecers

Paul Wells on the fundamental changes in the party’s language and identity policies


The NDP agenda

The party is ready to propose language law reforms. And Brian Masse, potentially the industry critic in the next NDP shadow cabinet, sees an opportunity for high(er) speed rail.


Student lobby group divided on extending language laws to CEGEPs

Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec can’t find consensus on issue of restricting access to English-language colleges


New report says CEGEP students should have language choice

Conseil supérieur de la langue française recommends maintaining the status quo


Magical Maxime

An anonymous Conservative explains Maxime Bernier.