J.K Rowling – In Conversation

J.K. Rowling and The Casual Vacancy: A sneak peek at its adaptation

A preview of the HBO series, plus Brian Bethune’s review of the adult novel by Harry Potter’s plotter

Maclean’s bestsellers

From the Oct. 6 issue, as compiled by Books editor Brian Bethune

Whatever happened to ’the art of dress’?

Once upon a time, American women had taste and knew how to dress, argues Linda Przybyszewski in ’The Lost Art of Dress’. What happened?

The story behind the novel Dr. Zhivago

Russian poet Boris Pasternak’s laughed off criticisms of his epic love story: ’I just grin’
Anne Kingston

Hallelujah! A Canadian classic is born

Anne Kingston reviews All Saints by K.D. Miller — ’a quietly astonishing book of short stories’

How the elevator changed everything

A book review of "Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator" by Andreas Bernard

An engineering marvel gone horribly wrong

A book review of "Trapped Under the Sea" by Neil Swidey
bestsellers feature 300×300


This week’s bestsellers
Elizabeth Smart

Maclean’s book reviews: It’s cold outside—hunker down with a book

This week: The Tudors, Elizabeth Smart on her kidnapping, and disappearing Canadian jobs

Adults turn to children’s books

’There are lessons and hope in kids books, unlike self-help books’